Pipedrive: Win More Deals with Organized Sales Pipeline

Steve Oriola, CEO, PipedriveSteve Oriola, CEO
In today’s highly competitive marketplace, the ability to effectively manage the sales pipeline can have a profound impact on a company’s financial health. The impact can be harsh on companies with insufficient visibility into their pipelines, where the sales cycle is long with multiple sales people involved to manage leads, tasks, and performance. Knowing exactly which stage of the funnel each lead is in, sales managers are critically challenged to make perfect sales follow-up and win more deals. “Our founders took a fresh approach to build a CRM tool based on the pain points they personally experienced as salespeople for helping businesses focus on every stage of sales actions,” says Steve Oriola, CEO, Pipedrive.

Pipedrive, a cloud-based sales software company offers its customizable sales CRM tool to consolidate all important lead information in one easy-to-access place. This way of organizing all lead information in a panoramic pipeline view, helps small businesses to visualize their sales funnel and make effective follow-ups, ensuring that no deals get missed out or falls through the cracks.

All the ongoing deals are displayed systematically in a customizable Timeline view, through which sales managers can quickly navigate the dashboard at a glance and focus on—which deal to work on, what exactly the deal requires, or whether it needs an extra push to close. A drag and drop interface allows users to easily move deals forward along the various stages of the pipeline and gain valuable insights on individual sales processes.

The next step for managing a successful sales pipeline is to orchestrate the pile of contacts. With a single click on a button, users can migrate data from their previous CRM and import it directly to Pipedrive.

Our sales CRM tool consolidates all lead information for an effective sales followup to help businesses focus on every stage of sales actions

By creating a standardized system for collecting this customer information, organizations ensure that the entire sales force is consistent in its reporting—allowing accurate data analysis to forecast sales results— deals won or lost.

The final attribute of an optimized sales pipeline management is the pipeline conversion rate, which is purely dependent on the sales professionals. The firm’s CRM tool provides a clear statistics view on the performance of an organization’s sales team and executes strategic actions to improve their performance metrics, thereby enhancing the business structure and sales outcomes. In addition, the firm offers a native CRM mobile app that lets users garner insights on their sales pipeline, while on the move and make sure they never miss any opportunity that will ramp up their sales results.

Pipedrive’s intuitive user experience, visual representation of data and customizable features not only enhances sales but also production, marketing, and more. For instance, Shuttlerock, a visual marketing platform wanted to maximize the value of their marketing and sales processes. To operate more efficiently between its sales and marketing groups, Shuttlerock leveraged Pipedrive’s CRM system to track the lead source, status and score data from the marketing system. These updates are further sent to the sales team to notify them of their sales readiness. With Pipedrive, the company now gets a clear insight from sales qualified leads to closed deals, significantly increasing business efficiency and productivity.

The firm aims to expand its geographical reach, as sales knows no boundaries—not language nor culture, and also continues to serve as a go-to personal sales manager for small and medium sized businesses. Pipedrive also works on to accelerate the next chapter of its growth by bringing in enhanced features into its CRM tool for best customer experiences.