OMI: The Right Mix of Marketing Automation, Sales Enablement and CRM Integration Services Propels 17-year-old SaaS Based Company

“We pitched the idea of shifting to a Software-as-a-Service versus a Software License Model,” recalls Brad Banyas, CEO of OMI. It was just the 90’s, and the idea was new. Banyas knew the market was shifting towards SaaS model. “Customers were enquiring about OPEX vs. CAPEX business models or solutions to deliver communications more efficiently,” Banyas remarks. Banyas pitched this idea to his partners at Output Solutions, Inc. a company he founded, however his partners did not see the value in the shift from license to service models. So, in 1999, Banyas sold his shares to find his new venture, OMI—one of the first Customer Communication Management SaaS models. OMI then launched its first service called Statement2web to the financial services market in 2000.

Fast forward to today, OMI has moved heavily into the professional services and SaaS development space with its own application development and service offerings called Kick-Start Cloud Ventures. The OMI subsidiary specializes in helping clients build and deliver their own cloud platforms as well as integrate to leading cloud services, such as, Google, Nimble CRM, Intercom, Stripe and other leading SaaS ecosystems. “We created kick-start cloud ventures based on the demand we were seeing from our own customers needing expertise and assistance in integrating or building out their own cloud offering,” says Banyas.

OMI’s history within customer communications management space in solving operational and customer support inefficiencies via the cloud has been of great value to the company. This is especially true in its shift of focus to areas like CRM, Marketing Automation and Sales Enablement solutions that drive Customer Acquisition and Revenue Generation for their client base. “Companies today are investing in growth side technologies and OMI is in position to provide the right mix of our own technologies and professional services to support SaaS business models required to compete in today's economy,” adds Paul Sciandra, COO, OMI.

We deliver solutions impactful to the acquisition and growth phases of new business development, whether our clients need a platform like our own 366 Degrees Service or integration to other leading cloud ecosystems

In response to commercial market opportunities, OMI launched their own 366 Degrees Platform as a Service in 2015. The service fills a gap in the marketing automation and sales enablement space for small and midsize businesses. 366 Degrees offers marketing automation, email, social and online channels to drive acquisition, retention, cross selling and engagement. The service increases customer lifetime value through improved personalization, content delivery, engagement analysis and offers a single view of lead and customer interactions to build stronger connections with the SMB brand. The 366 Marketplace showcases integrations with leading CRM providers like, Nimble CRM, Sales Intelligence platforms like Datanyze and leading video marketing from Vidyard. OMI is part of the ISV development program and also delivers 366 Degrees on the Salesforce AppExchange.

“We are approaching our 18th year anniversary. You never create anything of lasting value unless you are willing to stay at something long enough to give it a chance for success,” states Banyas. OMI is constantly evaluating new strategies and technologies to enhance their own technology stack with key differentiators that will be beneficial to 366 Degrees clients or commercialized for Kick-Start Cloud Venture customers. “We recently have been investing heavily in supporting technologies like Social CRM, Video Marketing, and Sales Intelligence platforms,” remarks Banyas. In return, the firm takes this learning and evaluates the value in relation to its clients and integration to platforms like 366 Degrees. “The ability to make adjustments to original ideas and business goals will always be influ-enced by the market and ultimately the customer,” concludes Banyas.