Maantic Inc: Customer Relationship Management at Its Best

Matt Vizhalil, CRM & BPM Practice Leader Sudarshan Kataria, CRM Solution Architect, Maantic IncMatt Vizhalil, CRM & BPM Practice Leader Sudarshan Kataria, CRM Solution Architect
Mobile technology is changing the face of the traditional Customer Service (CS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) domain. Organizations are driven by rising consumer expectation for more visibility into the service process with real-time data. Sales professionals driven by competition are demanding for more digital and mobile tools to support their clients.

In a related developing trend, with the explosion of data generated in the digital space (IDC estimates digital data generation to exceed 240 Exabyte by 2020), business leaders are recognizing the power of data analytics. Any organization, which can harvest these data sets to get a full understanding of their customer will have a significant competitive advantage in the market place, remarks Matt Vizhalil, CRM and BPM Practice Leader, Maantic Inc. Building expertise in mobile technology and its integration, investing in educating and enabling business users in predictive analytics based customer service is a core mission for Sunnyvale, CA-based Maantic Inc. “We have expertise in leading BPM and CRM solutions in the market place like PEGA and Salesforce.”

Pega BPM and CRM platform provides end-to-end customer service automation capabilities. Maantic leverages Pega customer management solutions to provide a robust integration to mobile and social network platforms—enabling businesses to engage with customers through live and non-live interactions. The solutions’ omni-channel features provides seamless transition through multiple channels like email, chat, mobile, social network and web. In addition, Pega’s Campaign Management solution allows customers to set-up integrated campaign capabilities to manage retention, rewards and cross-sell campaigns.

The company also brings together Pega Next Best Action and Decision management suite to allow businesses take their customer management solutions to a whole new level though predictive decision management.

We have expertise in leading BPM and CRM solutions in the market place like PEGA and Salesforce

This solution provides the customer management agents with a real-time optimal next action to take during live interactions. As customers respond to each action, the system re-calculates the next optimal action.

In a similar fashion, Maantic also enables customer engagement for businesses by leveraging Salesforce Portfolio that includes discovery, mapping and modeling of sales or support business processes, early prototyping of new processes, customization in and migrating to “While the PEGA and Salesforce tools are usable out-of-the-box, we work closely with the clients to configure solutions to suit their business needs,” adds Vizhalil.

In today’s scenario, where every business conversation revolves around SMAC—Social, Mobility, Cloud and Analytics, Maantic is leveraging cloud to empower businesses to transform their customer engagement strategies—by accelerating digital innovation, enabling agile business platforms and shortening time-to-market. “We, at Maantic strongly believe cloud is the corner stone of a future-ready enterprise,” remarks Sudarshan Kataria, CRM Solution Architect, Maantic. Most of the recommended solutions and implementations Maantic builds utilize cloud technologies like Salesforce, Heroku cloud application platform, AWS app development. “Our employees have extensive experience building CRM integrations with other cloud platforms like Informatica, ERP solutions like NetSuite, SAP, and Cloud based BI tools like Qliqview, Master data management application stack for data warehousing.”

For instance, a solar energy company wanted to handle over 10,000 leads per quarter, hence needed to implement an automated lead qualification process. Maantic partnered with this client to design, architect and implement an integrated “Call Center and Lead Qualification” solution. Maantic with its philosophy of “Partnership through Enablement” ensures that its clients are enabled as the company partners with them to deliver the solution. “This model, of focusing on customer success rather than increasing the billing opportunities, has helped us build the long-lasting trust with our clients,” concludes Vizhalil.